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I really like the perspective of this game, looking up at the human from the arcade machine immediately made me think of Wreck it Ralph. As far as a rhythm game goes, this one is playable but it's missing parts to make it great. One thing, as noted in Phive's comment, is some the feedback when hitting the buttons. The lights are alright but there were some moments where I wasn't sure if I was hitting anything at all. Overall though I think you have a good concept here and I'd love to see it developed further!

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As cute as the concept and the hand animations are, it feels weird that as a concept game, there isn't any audio/video response for hitting notes besides the arrows disappearing. I would even argue that it’s very crucial for rhythmic games to have strong input feedback. A "snap" sound, a burst of particles, or both... it can take any from but there just has to be more responses.

IMO rhythm games shouldn't just be the player listening to the music while hitting the falling notes as if the music is merely a background. It's the input responses that makes the player actually feel participated in the playing of the music. It is not just about hitting buttons at the right time while the music is playing in the background, making the player groove with the beats made by themselves is the key to a satisfying experience.

But then it would be another story if the point of the game is meant to be humorous about how the dog being forced to dance in the arcade felt.

I like your art and ideas! Rhythm games are really difficult to make and you've done it! At first, I thought I was a person who was playing the arcade game. Finally I realized that I'm in the machine's perspective. This idea is super cool. I would suggest that adding some special sound effect when hitting the keys and that would add more to the feelings of playing a rhythm game. Overall this is so cool!

Super cool rhythm game! Very impressive especially in the timespan. One critique I would give it is that games like guitar hero have powerful visual feedback when you nail a note. It helps you stay on beat and makes you feel better as the player. Maybe you could add juice through screen effects or particles.

Dang, Isabella! This is great, a whole rhythm game! Love the music and the art, those two fit together very well. As for feedback, I thought how you handled giving the player feed was clever and creative, I think it could've used just a little bit more, maybe some small sound or something visual? The colliders for the game felt a little off, there were times where I was certain I got the timing right but I actually didn't. Then again, it could just be me sucking at rhythm games. That's all I got, overall very solid entry!

This is a really nice game! I'm amazed that you were able to make a whole rhythm game in just a week. The art and music are all very fitting for the vibe you were going for, and I had a lot of fun trying to stay alive in the game! 

I agree with some of the other comments written on this post (I think having more feedback would be more satisfying) so I won't go too deep into that. I think another minor thing you could very easily add is having a unique animation for when multiple directions need to be inputted at the same time. I feel like it would just make hitting multidirectional inputs a lot more satisfying, and it would make it clearer to the player that the input they did was the correct one. 

Also I might be missing something, but is there a way to restart the game? If not, I think that is definitely needed! 

Overall though, I think this is really great! Awesome work! 

This is such a cute game, I love it so so much!!!!! I love looking at this goofy kid, for some reason he endeared himself to me so fast. I think one thing that would be a really easy fix would be to make some penalty or negative feedback for pressing the wrong keys, because it feels like I can just press all of the buttons at once and I get the thumbs up. I also kind of wish that the arrows and circles were a little more stylized

I just saw that I said basically exactly what Nate said yesterday, oops :(

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This was really cute and I absolutely loved the concept! I do wish there was some more feedback besides the thumbs up to show if the player's doing well or not. I know we were limited on time, but I think it'd be neat to even have specific scores/text pop up depending on how accurate the player is. Either way I thought this was really solid and creative!

This was good! The art is awesome, the music is great, and I love the simple moves the character makes! My critiques are:
I wish the text font and arrows matched the art style of the characters

The best way to win is just to mash all the keys at the same time constantly, so you should add a penalty for pressing the wrong key

I couldn't tell when I missed something, so there needs to be an audio + visual que when you miss an arrow.

Overall though this is good!